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A virtual class on how to design your toning to create intricate blends 

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Behind The Brunette Blend: A deep dive into the secrets behind creating cool and warm brunette blends.

In this class that introduces you to the Brunette Academy, Sharon will walk you through toning two different brunette models starting at the same level of lift. 


She will create a warm brunette on one model and a cool brunette using zone toning techniques. Toning is done in 3 zones and she will thoroughly explain each zone, the length, and choice of toner.  


Please note this is NOT a technique and placement class, it is strictly a toning class. Models are prelightened in advance.

What's in it for you?

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  • A clear understanding of what to lift to create the best brunettes and why.

  • Understanding each zone and how varying the lengths of each zone creates a different blend.

  • Understanding the importance of Zone 1(bridge zone) and why you never have to shadow root again.

  • Understanding why Zone 2 (design zone) is paramount to your final result.

  • Understanding that Zone 3 (pop zone) determines how light or dark your overall look is.

  • How to apply the toner; vertical vs horizontal sections and why.

  • Toner choice; What I pick and why I pick it.

  • Timing 

  • Reglazing(if necessary)

You will also gain experience in..

Styling and Social Media

Curl and wave tutorial plus how to take pics to showcase your work!


Sharon will share her story on her transition from being an employee to a suite owner, and why she did it and why she is absolutely loving it!

Question &

Ask all the questions you want, remember no question is a stupid question. 

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Classes Coming Soon

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